"Its not about the poses, IT'S ABOUT HOW YOU FELT..."

My aim as a photographer is to capture moments that truly matter. To me, its not just about the pictures, poses, its about the feeling.

Eventually these precious moments will be all that remains of your wedding day. The photos will be the one thing that gets more valuable with every year that passes.
That is why you want someone by your side that doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. Someone with a shared vision with whom you click on a personal level and whom you can trust to capture your most precious memories.

About Me

oh Yo! i'm Ajit ! more about me... I travel all over the world for weddings! - To give my clients the most personal experience, I only photograph 20 weddings annually. - I will always be up for Goan food. Wanna try?. - I have two fabulous and beautiful daughters. - I’m obsessed with social media and cooking. How would my friends describe me? Bubbly, loyal, and hilarious.

When I’m not with my camera,I would end up traveling with my daughters and wife (usually clicking for her).
Goa India is an awosome place for travel and fun and not to forget food…
if you love travelling, 90s music, food or a glass of wine….

This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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